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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Update on the Scarf I was Knitting

Before I went on my little hiatus, I posted pics of a couple of scarves I was knitting.
I managed to finish the second one fairly quickly, so here are the pics.
The scarf now has a nice new home with my Aunt, and I am currently working on another as requested from my Mum, so I will get the first update pic of that up soon.

Anyways, here is the blog post with the last knitting update. And here is the post with the first pics, just in case you wanted to have a looksie :)

You will have to excuse the first bunch of pics as at the time I hadn't got my new camera!

20/08/10 - Day 6. - Project 2

21/08/10 - Day 7. - Project 2

24/08/10 - Day 8. - Project 2

28/08/10 - Day 9. - Project 2 - Had to unpick LOADS due to a mistake!

29/08/10 - Day 10. - Project 2 - Managed to do some serious catching up! After this, I didn't take any more update pics lol I don't know why I stopped but you can see the finished scarf below, it measure about 6ft in length when it was complete :)

31/01/11 - Project 2 Complete!

And modelled by my son.