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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A Few More Pieces

This should be the last post that contains *old* projects.
This time, however, here are my unfinished larger Cross-stitch projects, that I would love to get around to finishing sometime in the next 50 years or so lol

As always click on the images to enlarge them to view better details.

First up is this wonderful (half finished) piece of Tiger and Cub. This was my first big cross-stitch project and I am very dissappointed that I never finished it within two years. I was on track of getting it done within a year as by this point in the picture it had taken me eight months to get this far. This was part of the Born Free Collection.

Here is the cute Tatty Teddy offering a Flower. I probably started this around the same time as the one below. This originally started out as a gift for my Mum for Mother's day about 5 years ago lol. However, once I finished the cross-stitching, it was time to move on to all the backstitch. And there was ALOT for this little teddy, and after I did a little, as you can see on the face, ear and the patch, I got fed up with it, so it got put away *for later*.

This majestic Elephant was a real joy to stitch, and I was almost finished when I realised my mistake! HORROR - I accidentally did the background with one strand instead of two, which meant I would have to unpick a nearly completed background! *sobs* - One day! I think this was part of the Born Free collection also, but I am not sure, so I will check in a bit and ammend this part later if needed :)

Finally we have these lovely labradors. I have NO excuse for not finishing this one. I had done over half of it then nothing! I THINK it was around the same time when broadband came in to my area and it meant I could be online for longer and not just at off-peak times!
I also have a beautiful White Tiger (my favourite animal) titled White Lightning, to finish. Well, I say, finish, I need to start it first lol I think there is no more than 20 stitches in that one, and it contains about 30,000 stitches lol I think I put it down because I made a slight boo-boo and figured 'I'll un-pick it next week', that was 6 or 7 years ago! It's not worth putting up a pic cus there is nothing to see.
Now, I can get on with making a card for my Aunt, Sister-in-Law, brother, and a few other projects I have in mind.
I might even take part in a challenge or two, as I have seen one I wouldn't mind having a go at, though I am not very good at all!
Coming up Next: New Year's Resolutions

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  1. WOWZER!! These are sooo cool!! Fabulous pieces!! I really love the tigers on the black canvas!! So stunning!! Thanks for sharing these!!