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Saturday, 17 January 2009


Today I spent approx. two hours looking for my lost cashe of stickers. I even got my plastic storage box out and pulled everything out of it (again) then I re-checked the cardboard box where it was supposed to be, but to no avail. Nothing. Nadda.

I then took to looking in drawers, on chairs and a few other places I knew it wouldn't be.

Then an idea struck me, perhaps someone (ie. me whilst intoxicated) had put it unknowingly in my box in the kitchen where I stash padded envelopes (Yes- I save ANY padded envelopes that are sent to me, so I can re-use them!). Anyhow, the envelope was in there, and I can say without no doubt that I have no recollection of putting it there!

*happy dance*

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  1. welcome joanna to blogging land ~ we have all been there searching for crafty bits ~i`m just moving mine all around ~gosh the craft stuff i have found ~never knew i had!!!
    waiting now to see your cards!!
    happy crafting
    vanessa xx