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Friday, 16 January 2009

Losing Stuff!!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh I am really frustrated right now because I cannot find my stickers/ribbons envelope and I cannot for the life of me remember where the hell I put it!

I have kept them all in this large white envelope for a couple of years now, easy to remember where they all are.

But, I had a sort out of my plastic storage box where I kept all my things together, just after Christmas because I got two nice red and blue storage cases.

I am sure that I moved them into a cardboard box with a few other bits and pieces because the lid would no longer go on the plastic container, but alas, when I went to get the envelope to put some new goodies in there, it was nowhere to be found!

I have no clue how it has vanished or where to but I am seriously mad about it. If someone has thrown it out by accident all hell will break loose as I had lots of great goodies in there!
So, the question is........
Do you misplace crafting stuff, convinced that you put it in a certain place, only to find it not there?

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