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Monday, 19 January 2009

Freebie Cross-Stitching Kits Part II

As you can tell I am on a blogging spree. I am trying to post as many as my old projects as possible so I can start blogging properly!

So, as promised here are some more free cross-stitching kits that I got with magazines and completed!
We are sticking with the Disney theme and some of my favourite cross-stitches from Pooh Bear & Friends!

As always, blogger cuts the images off a little, so click on them to see them in their entirety.

Santa Pooh

My favourite Pooh character, the wonderful Eeyore keeping warm for winter.

A very cute Roo all ready for Christmas.

The adorable Piglet, having fun in the snow. This is actually a mini card.

Pooh and Piglet in a wonderful sketch-type cross-stitch friendship hanger. I love this one.


  • Double sided sticky tape to attach the aida to the frames.


  • Christmas Pooh - Cross Stitch Crazy Issue #? (Month & Year Unknown)
  • Christmas Eeyore - CrossStitcher Magazine Issue #? (Month & Year Unknown)
  • Christmas Roo - Quick&Easy CrossStitch Issue #? (Month & Year Unknown)
  • Christmas Piglet Card - Cross Stitch Card Shop Issue #33
  • Pooh and Piglet Friendship Hanger - CrossStitcher Issue #159 (April 2005)

Coming up next; more cards :)

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