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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

More goodies arrived + Freebies (kinda)

YaY! The rest of my goodies arrived today.

Quilling papers (I forgot to get a quilling pen, so that is on my next 'to get' list), waterbrushes, funky foam cut out shapes and stickles. Along with a FREE Marie Curie Cancer Care Card Bag. I thought that the bag would be a pack of 5 or 10, but nope they are singular bags lol oh well, I will have to get more the next time I order *cough cough*

This was the first time I had ordered from so when I found the little card at the bottom I was surprised to find a little free embellishment attached to it. It is the cutest little ladybird ever! (See pic below). (How many 'little's did I just write there?? LOL)

The card reads:

FREE sample with next order
Put 'FREE CARD' in the box at checkout to receive a FREE Papermania Card & Envelope. Valid until January 31st 2009

PASS this on to a friend and they can try it too!

FREE Touchy Feely!
Enjoy your FREE sample Lady Bird (EMB458) ONLY £2.99p for 60!

So there you go, I have passed it along lol

Speaking of goodies.....

I have been on another spending spree (well..... there was 10% off everything!) so............
I am looking forward to receiving the following in the next few days:

Corrugated Card, Double sided tape, more Hot Melt Glue Sticks, U R 21 Embellishment ('cus I can't find where I put the last one I bought for my Brother's special card for his 21st this year), 4x sets of Papermania Paperpacks (£1 each, can't complain!), Hand Stamped By....... stamp, Child's Angel Mini Stamps (hey for 50p you wouldn't turn it down neither!), Pigment inks, Heat Gun, 7x Embossing powders, Large Scissors (so I don't ruin any more 'kitchen' pairs lol), Angled tweezers (so I don't ruin my eyebrow tweezers), Clear Away Tray (to save on paper, and glitter getting EVERYWHERE), Decoupage scissors (ya never know when ya need those little 'uns), and finally a new craft knife, as the one I have has a tarnished handle plus it's blade needs changing and I'm too scared to do it myself! Knowing my clumsiness I will chop off a finger (again. - Don't ASK!!)

So there we have it. I think that is the last of my goodies to come, crafting wise anyways!

Looking forward to that stash coming, as I need the papers to finish off this little mini box I am making for my Brother.

And finally to report, I have finished stitching Lumpy, the free mini cross-stitch, he is on the radiator drying off, as I like to wash and iron my finished cross-stitches, so I will post a pic of him dried, ironed and in his frame later!

Gotta go get the tea ready for later, we sticking with the healthy eating crap. Tonight we are having Creamy Mushroom Pappardelle!

Take Care & Happy Crafting!


  1. gosh you have been doing well wit all your new goodies #happy crafting
    vanessa xx

  2. Blimey would I love to come craft shopping with you lol ..


  3. Wow! What fabby additions to your stash! I just can't help myself at the moment, too!

    Anyway, there's a little something for you on my blog.

    Hugs, Sem x