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Friday, 23 January 2009

On Track...

Well, I can happily report that I am on track with my new year resolutions.

I read a chapter of the 'current' book I am reading. I say current, because well, as I said in an earlier blog, I had gotten so far with it, about a year ago, and have not picked up a book since!
Anyways, in case you are interested the book I am reading is A Lesser Evil by Lesley Pearse, which you can find out about by clicking the link :)

I have also kept to my other promise, of doing more cross-stitching with the hope of completing one mini kit per month. And maybe if I can get a mini kit done way before the month is up then I will treat myself and work on some of the larger projects I have! Anywhow, I did a little stitching today for a couple of hours on a mini kit of Lumpy, from Pooh, which I got free with a magazine.

Also, I am about to go and print off some healthy recipes so that I can plan the next couple of weeks worth of meals. Go me!

Finally, new goodies!!!
I ordered a bunch of new goodies to help me with my quest to get in to stamping.
So over the next few days I should be expecting the following items to grace my doorstep:
A Buncha See D's Stamps & A See D's Kit, Brush Markers, A WaterBrush set, Stickles and some Quilling Papers plus some Funky Foam sheets & Letters that I needed.

I got some of these goodies from where you can get your FREE Marie Curie Create a Card for Cancer Appeal Bags 2009. So if you are planning on making any cards for this years appeal, go ahead and get your free bags to put them in by clicking on the link. There is also a neat little stamp set you can buy to use on your cards for just £4.99, which includes a £2 donation to MC Cancer Care.

I have also just this minute bought a couple of digital stamps. One was Pretty Head Lily from I also got the Lola Rose kit, Twinkle kit and a Sentiment collection kit from and as I don't have my markers yet I might go ahead and have a try with some of my chalks, and if they turn out ok I will post some piccies later!

Right I gotta go print out these recipes, catch up on some blogs and print out my new printable kits!

'Till tomorrow! (When hopefully some of my goodies will have arrived!)

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