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Friday, 7 August 2009

2 New Cards

Finally after not being able to access blogger for several hours (blogger's fault, not mine!), here are a couple of cards I finished making yesterday.
As always, click to enlarge :)

Both are Jolly Nation kits.
The female one is for my Mum and the male one is for my Step-Dad, when their birthdays come around that is ;)

You can probably just make out that they are d├ęcoupage kits.
I also felt that the female was lacking a little something, so I dug out my newly acquired Smirk fibres pack, knowing I had seen something that could add that little something. So I wrapped this pink fluffy boa type around her and adhered a little glue to her hand to hold it wrapped in place around her wrist.

Sorry about the glare :(

The kits came with an A4 sheet of backing paper, so there was loads left over, which I decorated the insides with, along with a piece of scrap card left over from the d├ęcoupage kit which I inked on the blank sides and adhered with Anita's Tacky Glue.

I also had enough left over to entirely cover the front of the envelope and there was enough scrap pieces left to cut out and apply to the back too, also there was quite a big ink mark on the female envelope that I needed to cover ;)
I forgot to take a pic of the backs so I will do that later and edit it in here ;)

I have also altered a notebook I recently purchased for taking notes in when I go visit my family next week, as I am currently researching the family tree :)
I will post pics later as it is still not 100% finished!

Recipe for both cards:

  • Plain white card, pre-folded with matching envelope from a local craft store.
  • Jolly Nation Kits both from; Movie Star Man and Movie Star Lady (which I couldn't find again when I went to get the link, I'm sure it will be available again soon)
  • Pink 'Boa' from Naughty but Nice Smirk Embellishment Tote from
  • 'Especially for You' and 'Happy Birthday' Tags from a Daisy & Dandelion collection from
  • Anita's Tacky Glue from
  • Scrap Card for the inside
  • Scrap Paper for the tag ont he front of the envelope
  • Whispers Inks Used: Port Wine (female card), Straw Mat and Whisper Vanilla (male card)
  • 3D Foam Pads

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