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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Major BIG Catch Up Part III

Part 3 of my update.

A nice Audrey Hepburn twisted decoupage card. I could have split up the layers but I wanted to go all out on this one. Used card stock, gold mirror board, prima flower and gem, and I can't remember what designer paper I used as the backing paper.

A side view so you can see the layers.

A single layed Audrey Hepburn mounted on a different style of card {which name escapes me right now}. Again, gold mirror board was used, excuse the reflection from the camera lol

A miniture version of the twisted decoupage featured on the first card.

A nice big 3 way fold {again the proper name of the fold has eluded me} card of James Dean, I believe. Once again, this one is twisted decoupage, mounted on gold mirror board.

Side view.

Inside, with the magnetic bookmark I made to go with it, and as you can see from the picture below, the magnets are pretty strong.

The card on it's side, showing that the magnetic bookmark does not slip off.

The other side of the bookmark, with me holding it up and giving it a little shake, still doesn't slide off!

The inside of the magnetic bookmark.

And finally, the King! Though this pic does the card no justice at all! And the silver mirror board doesn't help much either! There is a space at the bottom to allow for personalisation, or for one of the generic tags to go on it that came with the set.

A side view to see the layers.

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